Business Center

326 Mumford Hall

Jen Frank, Business Specialist

Dan Breen, Assistant Department Head, Business and Strategic Planning


How to request travel approval (both domestic and International):

What form needs to be completed for International Travel?

How to request a purchase (books, supplies, chair mats, etc.) (we can’t purchase from anymore):

Email: and include the following:

  1. What you need
  2. Link where it can be purchased
  3. How many
  4. CFOP that you want to use
  5. What it will be used for, business purpose

What is needed for Purchases:

If no signature is required, and there are no terms and conditions, we can purchase most things with the pcard, up to $4,999 and under. 


We are no longer allowed to purchase items from Amazon, nor reimburse you if you purchase from Amazon.  E-codes through Amazon are still allowed.

What is needed for a Software Purchase:

If possible all software purchases should be purchased through the webstore, after working with Ian Chong, IT.  If the software is cannot be purchased there, then you would need to answer the following questions before the software can be purchased:


1. Will any University data that is not publicly available be shared with a third party as a result of running the software (for example, SSN,

credit/debit card, health/medical, or student data)?


2. Is this a purchase of software libraries in which the software will be embedded into new intellectual property?

YES/NO – if yes, answer next question, if no, skip

3.  Does the software license expressly state that it may be distributed freely or included with newly-developed

software without royalties or licenses to the software producer?


4. Will students in a classroom or computer lab be required to use the software?


5. Will faculty/staff with a known disability (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act) be required to use the software?


6.  Software Name:

7.  Describe product:

8.  Describe how product will be used:

9.  If purchased online, provide Web address (URL):

10.  If available, provide Web address (URL) for the End User License Agreement (EULA) and privacy statement:

What is needed for an Electronic Service Purchase with the pcard:

Before we can purchase an electronic service with a p-card, we need to determine if the purchase qualifies.


  1. Will SSNs, credit card information, or health/medical data be used by the service?  YES/NO?
  2. Will student information (for example, grades, advising notes, class rosters, student names (UINs) be used within the service?  YES/NO
  3. Is the data you plan to use within this service considered "public" by the University?  YES/NO
  4. Will students in a classroom or computer lab be required to use the electronic service?  YES/NO
  5. Will faculty/staff with a known disability (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act) be required to use the electronic service?  YES/NO
  6. Product Name
  7. Describe Product
  8. Describe how product will be used:
  9. If purchased online, provide the web address:
  10. If available, provide web address for the end user license agreement and privacy statement:

What to do to renew your membership:

Jen Frank can renew your membership.  You can email the information to and provide all the details needed to renew.  You will also need to provide the CFOP to charge. 

How to pay for a Conference Registration:

Jen Frank can register you for any conference registration.  You would need to provide the link and all details needed for the registration.  Please provide the CFOP to charge.  This is the preferred method.  If you pay for your own conference registration you can’t be reimbursed until after the conference is over.

How to request Keys:

Email: jenfrank@illinois and include:

  1. Keys needed
  2. Who needs them
  3. Why they are needed
  4. They can come to 326 MH to pick up keys.

How to request a Travel Reimbursement:

Complete the webtools form here,  and turn in all original receipts to Jen Frank in 326 Mumford Hall.

What is the Foreign Per Diem:

The foreign per diem can be found at:

What is the Per Diem for Domestic Travel?

You can find the rates here,


The daily allowance for within the state of Illinois (must be more than 1 day) is $28

The daily allowance for outside of Illinois is $32.

What is the current mileage reimbursement rate for a personal car:

The reimbursement rate can be found,

How to request a car pool vehicle:

Complete the travel request form, and request through the form online.

Taxi, Ride Share or Car Service:

Taxi, ride share, or standard car service costs are reimbursable however, airport or hotel shuttle ser­vice (when less expensive or free) should be utilized whenever possible. Gratuities should not exceed 20% of the fare. Upgraded services such as limousines, chauffeur, premier, etc., or surge pricing, will be reim­bursed at the standard fare.

Business Meal for a reimbursement or tcard charge:

Complete the webtools form here, and turn in original receipts, both itemized and payment receipts to Jen Frank in 326 Mumford Hall. 


Business meals should be reasonable and have a bona fide business purpose.  The allowable maximum expenditure for business meals is $75 per person.  You must keep all receipts, itemized and payment portion.



How to submit a request for Facilities & Services:

Email issue that needs to be fixed to  She will submit the request for Facilities and Services to come out.  If it is an emergency, please call, 217-300-6240.

What is needed for a Visiting Scholars:

Once you have approval of the Department Head you would:


Please email Jen Frank at with the following information for the visiting scholar:

  1. Full name
  2. Complete address
  3. Phone number
  4. Email
  5. Start Date
  6. End Date
  7. Will you provide anything, i.e., flight, stipend, etc.?
  8. Will you provide desk space?
  9. Anything else you would like in the letter?
  10. CFOP used to pay for mailing of DS-2019 and appt if greater than 0% or they receive a stipend.


This information will be used to proceed with an invitation letter that will be emailed to the visiting scholar.  The Department Head signs this letter.

How to check your Account Balances:

Can be found at

Statements will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month.  Instructions are included

Statements can be found at:


How to request a bagged meter:

Email Jen Frank at with the following information for a bagged meter(s) - $20/meter (1-2 days in advance); $25 (same day):

  1. Start date
  2. End Date
  3. Name on Bag
  4. Location requested
  5. CFOP to use

How to request a hang Tag:

Email Jen Frank

How to add a vendor:

Email Jen Frank or the ACE Business Office the name and email of the person who we need to get added as a vendor.  We will then send them the necessary forms to complete and return to our office.

What is needed for a Purchase Order:

(No work can begin until the Purchase Order has been set up.  Jen Frank will email you with the PO number once it is completed.

Work with Jen Frank

  1. Name of Vendor
  2. Quote required on letterhead
  3. CFOP to use
  4. Deposit Required?
  5. Wire Transfer required?  If so, provide the following details:
    1. Name on bank account
    2. Bank account number
    3. Bank Name
    4. SWIFT Code
    5. Bank City/Country

Pinnacle requests (telephone, fax, domains etc.)

This would be for:  Email Dan Breen at

  1. New Service
  2. Role Based service
  3. Change Service

How to make Travel Arrangements:

Complete the travel request form (domestic), preferred method is that once approved you can email with your Transportation, flight and needs. 



How do we send out Mailings:

Work with Jen Frank on any UPS, Campus Mail, or USPS mail.  Anything over 25 pieces will need to be approved by Dan Breen,

Equipment/Inventory – computers, monitors, cameras, etc.

An item is considered equipment if it is tangible property which lasts more than 1 year, costs more than $100, keeps its own identity, that is not absorbed into another piece of equipment and is moveable, not fixed to a building permanently. 


Anything over $1000 has Ptag, which we will keep track of with Biennial Inventory every 2 years.


Anyone who has a computer that they take home with them needs to complete the Equipment Loan form, please email and she will email you a copy to complete.

Equipment Loan Forms

These are required for anyone that takes equipment off of campus grounds.  To complete this, you need to complete this form,

How to Surplus Items you no longer need:

Any item that you no longer need, you can bring it to 326 Mumford Hall and request that it be surplused.  If you have many items, then you can email a list to and mark the items as surplus.  Once we have enough items, a request will be submitted to move these items.

Who handles Space Allocation

For space allocation requests, please email Dan Breen at

Who is our USC’s (access to various applications etc on campus)

For requests for access to Banner, iBuy, Contracts plus, Reports etc, you would email Dan Breen or Jen Frank for these requests.

What is ChromeRiver:

Chrome River is the new software solution that replaced the University of Illinois System’s current travel and expense management (TEM) system on February 14, 2022.

What it is a ChromeRiver Delegate:

A ChromeRiver delegate is a person who can act as you, to create expense reports. 


Please make Jen Frank a delegate.  This would be needed for times when you need to be reimbursed for travel.  All Miscellaneous Expenses should be purchased for you by the Business Office unless it is an emergency.


Log on to  ChromeRiver:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner.
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. Click Delegate Settings.
  4. Click Add New Delegates.
  5. Start entering the user’s name, then select the correct name from the drop-down list of potential Delegates.

What is Contracts+ and contracts:

We can’t sign anything on behalf of the University.  Anything that needs to be signed, needs to come to the ACE Business Office.


All contracts need to go through our new system Contracts+.  There are different types of contracts:
      a.  Revenue Generating

      b.  Contracts for Supplies and Services – Payable


There are several items needed to start the process for a contract depending on the type you are needing.  Please work with Jen Frank to get your contracted started.

How to Order Name Tags, different options:

There are several types of name tags that we can order and provide:


Permanent name tags can be ordered from Trophy Time, they can have a magnetic back or pin. 


We can order name tags for an event through document services.  They will print them etc just like you want with the logo, of the U of I logo.


We can order name tags from office depot, there are serval different options, that can be printed on.  They can be hanging, clip, or have a pin.


The Business Office can purchase the name tags for your event.  Email your request with all the specifics.

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