Amy Roessler – Assistant Director of Grants and Contracts
Dan Breen – Assistant Department Head, Business and Strategic Planning


What responsibilities do I have for working on grants?

Responsible faculty and unit administrative staff should review grant expenditures on a monthly basis against Banner reports and source documents to verify all grant expenses have been properly recorded, are allowable, and have adequate supporting documentation. Responsible faculty and unit administrative staff have necessary access to financial reports to execute oversight duties.

Where do I find a faculty-geared overview of the basics of grant-making and the world of sponsored research administration at UIUC?

What are the procedures for submitting a research proposal?

You can never notify your departmental contact too early. Please reach out to Amy Roessler as soon as you are aware of a funding opportunity and a due date for the proposal.

When should my full application be completed?

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) requests fully completed applications be submitted to their office for review at least four full business days prior to the sponsor deadline. Please keep in mind that if there will be sub-awardees on the proposal, documentation from those external entities will be required with the University of Illinois’ submission.

Who is eligible to serve as a Principal Investigator?

An individual with an appointment in one of the following categories, whether in regular or emeritus status, may serve as a Principal Investigator without the need to seek approval under this policy (

    Professor (Assistant, Associate, and Full)

Upon approval by the applicable academic dean, institute director, or campus administrative officer, an individual with an appointment in one of the following categories may serve as a Principal Investigator:

    Specialized Faculty      

    Research Associate

    Postdoctoral Research Associate or Research Fellow

    Research Scientist

    Departmental or Institute Affiliate

    Academic Professionals


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