Sponsored Programs Administration Resources


What if an agreement is sent directly to me or my department?

Do not sign the agreement or deposit any dollars until the agreement has been reviewed by the appropriate personnel in the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Please forward to the Grants and Contracts Associate or Assistant Head.

At proposal stage what information must be submitted to sponsored programs for a sub award?

  • Statement of Work
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • Any required approvals (Authorization letter from their sponsored programs office)
  • Additional resources

How far in advance of a published deadline do I need to submit my proposal to the Business Office?

To ensure the submission of proposals by the prescribed deadline the proposal should be submitted to Business Office at least 5 days for a non- Grants.gov proposal and at least 7 business days for a Grants.gov proposal, if Crop Sciences is the lead unit. If Crop Sciences is not the lead unit/agency, use the lead unit/agencies requested date as the date of submission and add the above timelines to that.

Please include the program guidelines with your proposal submission to the Business Office.

Where can I find the balances of my sponsored projects?

What expenses are considered unallowable on sponsored projects?

  • For a cost to be allowable as a direct charge to a sponsored agreement it must be:
    • Necessary and reasonable
    • Allocable – A cost is allocable to a project if goods or services involved are chargeable or assignable in accordance with the relative benefits received by the projects
    • Accorded consistent treatment appropriate to the circumstances
    • Conform to any limitations or exclusions set forth in Federal guidance
    • Adequately documented
  • Listing an item or service in the proposed budget justification is the best way for an item to be considered allowable
  • If not directly in the proposed budget justification, prior written approval from the authorized organization representative must be obtained.
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