The transition for ACES is currently scheduled for Monday, July 10, 2023 (check Microsoft Teams Transition Project for the latest schedule).

When your account is moved to Teams, you will automatically be logged out of Skype for Business. The transition process is expected to take up to 50 minutes and when it's finished the dial pad will appear in Teams when you access the Calls icon in the application. Afterwards, all your phone calls, voicemails, and chat messages will take place in Microsoft Teams. You will no longer be able to instant message (IM) or make phone calls in Skype for Business, but you can still call people who are using Skype for Business. 


The university is moving its phone service from Skype for Business to Teams. Microsoft is retiring the Skype for Business (S4B) product and the university is staying up to date with this move.

Teams has a very similar interface to S4B for phone calls and we expect the transition to go smoothly.

Important Links

Pre-recorded trainings

Equipment Recommendations

Please note the relevant Account codes for purchases:

  • Less than $100: 121300 Information Technology Equip < $100
  • $100 to $999: 126101 NC Communications Equipment $100-999


  • Logitech Zone Vibe 125
    • Wireless
    • Over-the-ear
    • ~$115
    • Available from CDWG in iBuy; search for 7062160
  • Additional headsets will be listed soon

USB Phones

Standalone Phones

  • Yealink MP54
    • ~$185
    • Available from CDWG in iBuy; search for 6499856
    • Why are you recommending the "Skype for Business" edition?
      • This phone will work immediately, and then it will get an update when we switch to Teams for the phone system and work fully with Teams.
      • If you purchase 6391438 (the "Teams" edition), it will not work until the phone numbers move to Teams.
  • Additional options listed at