Taking into consideration the various needs of departments, the Office of Marketing Communications (Marcom) will maintain a catalog of ACES-branded and co-branded merchandise. All items are branded with the college wordmark and available to units for gifts, events, etc. Any merchandise that includes the Block I, ACES, or your department name must go through the Office of Marketing Communications.

Marcom has a limited number of ACES-branded items available in stock if departments/units have a last-minute request. If your unit would like to purchase a large quantity of any of these items, fill out and submit the Merchandise Request Form.

Merchandise Request Form

Promotional items will be delivered directly to the address included on the merchandise request form. Wearable items will be delivered to Marcom and you will be notified when they are ready for pickup. Once Marcom receives the invoice, they will forward it to your business admin for payment.

If your unit is placing an order for merchandise, please keep in mind:

  • Catalog prices
    The merchandise catalog includes price estimates for each item. Actual price may vary depending on the quantity purchased, shipping needs, etc. Marcom will forward the quote to you for your approval once the Merchandise Request Form is submitted.
  • Turnaround time
    Merchandise requests require five weeks of lead time for quality development and production. Marcom is not equipped to maintain a large inventory.
  • Returns/Exchanges
    All merchandise sales are final except in the instance of a quality issue. Once items are purchased, they are the unit’s responsibility to distribute appropriately.

We look forward to working with you and your department to make ACES the strongest brand possible.

ACES Merchandise