College of ACES

The purpose of our brand guidelines is simple: to tell the world how College of ACES would like to be perceived. Having a consistent look and feel is essential to creating a consistent brand experience and reinforcing our mission.

These guidelines also keep us aligned with the campus branding guidelines. These may evolve. MarCom will help to ensure that you are aligned with current protocols and expectations.

Why is branding important?

As ACES faculty and staff, you play an important part in advancing the college's reputation with current and prospective students, alumni and donors, stakeholders, and the public. Together with the Office of Marketing Communications (MarCom), we can work together toward shared goals in implementing and showcasing the ACES brand.


  • promotes recognition
  • helps set us apart from the competition
  • tells people about what we do and who we are
  • provides motivation and direction for staff and faculty
  • helps us create clarity and stay focused
  • represents us and our promise to our customers
  • provides our college value

Brand benefits to college, departments, units:

  • Clear guidelines make it easier to manage marketing needs, providing quicker service.
  • Bring us to together as a college so each department and our students benefit from being associated with a bigger network, more resources, and similar student experiences.
  • Marcom can provide even more resources and share best practices and ideas across departments/units. 
  • Streamline MarCom output to be more efficient and effective.

How do we start?

By implementing updated branding policies and guidelines. This starts with a consistent look and feel in everything we share with both internal and external audiences.

This style guide is a roadmap to ACES brand initiatives and how to communicate the ACES brand within your own areas of the college. Use it to see the new wordmarks for ACES and how you can use them for your department or unit. Use it to learn how to represent ACES to internal and external audiences and the differences between them both. Take advantage of these templates and merchandise resources, designed to make your jobs easier.