The ACES Web Working Group was established in July 2017. The purpose of the ACES Web Working Group is to ensure the timely, coordinated development and maintenance of the College of ACES websites by working proactively to identify and facilitate high-impact goals and strategies for the college’s web presence.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 27 at 1pm via Zoom.


Main Contacts

     Dept      Representative              
  -Advancement   Marla Todd        
  -Academics   Susan Coppess   Debra Korte    
  -International   Leslie Myrick        
  -Marketing   all marketing staff        
  -Research   Nichole Isaac        
  ABE   Kelsie Woodward        
  ACE   Daniel Breen        
  ALEC   Jennifer Smist        
  ANSC   Ryan Dilger        
  CPSC   Greg Parks        
  FSHN   Nicki Engeseth   Audra Martin    
  -Bevier   Carter Phillips        
  -Spice Box   Jorden Brotherton        
  HDFS   Marile Quintana   Rhonda Sullivan    
  -FRC   Sal Nudo        
  MFST   Megan Dailey        
  NRES   Lisa Kelly   Piper Hodson    
  NUTRSC   Jessica Hartke        
  TECH   David Gerstenecker        
  Extension   James Hazzard   Jason Frye    
  IBRL/PPP   Beth Conerty