Our Purpose

We are a support service unit designed to lead the College of ACES in connecting with its key audiences in powerful ways to grow the brand through creative, impactful, and actionable marketing and communications which, effectively and consistently align with goals that advance its mission.

Strategic Marketing Pillars

These strategic marketing pillars outline how we think about and approach the work we do to create value for those we serve. We want students to become proud alumni who go on to give back, and eventually have successful careers in industry thereby positioned to influence our reputation. 

Strategic Marketing Pillars

Revenue- We support recruitment and yield efforts to attract quality, diverse students, in alignment with our values. We are also focused on working to exploit new revenue-generating opportunities.

Affinity- We want to help support building a closeness (affinity) with current students, alumni, partners, faculty, and staff. We are focused on creating brand ambassadors. 

Advancement- We want to build pride among our stakeholders including alumni, donors, companies, and friends to advance their support to give of their time, knowledge, support, resources.

Reputation- Growing our reputation globally happens through research communications, media relations, rankings and reputation marketing.


Our talented staff of marketers, designers, writers, project managers, content strategists, web developers and communicators provide valuable expertise and support to the college in the following areas.


  • Digital/Social media
  • Marketing materials
  • Advertising - digital/print/radio/tv
  • Design 
  • Copywriting
  • Recruitment initiatives
  • Brand management
  • Environmental branding
  • Focus groups/research


  • Research communications
  • Feature stories
  • Media relations
  • Crisis communication
  • Advancement communications


  • Site templates/management
  • Feature development
  • Content management/guidelines
  • Google Analytics
  • New website guidance
  • Digital accessibility guidance

Please email marcom@aces.illinois.edu with any questions.